2022 Property Tax Filing Guide

Ways to pay

Drop box*

  • A walk-in payment drop box is located outside the entrance to our building at 150 Beavercreek Road in Oregon City
  • Check our website for drive-in drop box option

On line

  • Visit our website to pay by credit card, debit card, or e-check (Clackamas County does not withhold any portion of processing fees)
  • Payments must be submitted no later than the due date
  • Allow plenty of time for bank processing so your funds arrive by November 15
  • Invoice payment must be at our office by the due date if not postmarked


  • Mail your check (no cash) using the return envelope and include
    your payment slip
  • Make checks payable to Clackamas County Tax Collector
  • Payments must be postmarked USPS by November 15, 2022 with proper postage
  • Please post early to ensure your payment is received in a timely manner
  • Returned checks will be charged a $25 service fee

In person*

  • Normal office hours are Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Check our website for extended hours of operation during tax season

*Access to our office in the Developmental Services building and nearby parking areas on the Red Soils campus will be impacted by construction starting this fall. Construction may affect physical access to our office and current payment drop box locations. To avoid delays due to anticipated traffic and parking issues, please consider sending your payment by mail or using our online payment option this year.

Discounts and payment options

Payments must be submitted by the following due dates. Late payments will not receive a discount and may incur interest.

Option 1: Pay the full amount before 11/15/2022 for a 3% discount

Option 2: Pay 2/3 before 11/15/2022 for a 2% discount and the remaining 1/3 before 05/15/2023

Option 3: Pay 1/3 before 11/15/2022, 1/3 before 2/15/2023 and 1/3 before 5/15/2023

Paperless property tax statements from 2023

eNoticeOnline logoClackamas County now offers an option to have future property tax statements delivered electronically through a new service called eNoticesOnline. Owners who wish to go paperless and/or prefer to receive documents online, rather than printed and mailed, can begin enrolling in the new eStatement service using a unique account registration code printed on their 2022 property tax statements. Once an account is registered, e-statement notices will arrive via the registrant’s email and paper statements will no longer be issued.

Board of Property Tax Appeals (BOPTA)

If you have questions about the values ​​on your tax return, please call 503-655-8671. Our assessment staff will be available to discuss your concerns.

If you disagree with the values ​​on your tax slip, you can file an appeal with the Board of Property Tax Appeals by Tuesday, January 3, 2023.

You can contact the county clerk’s office at 503-655-8662 for more information.

Appeal forms are available online. Appeal forms must be postmarked or delivered to the Clerk’s office no later than 1/3/2023.

Join our town hall

There will be a Virtual Town Hall this year hosted by Assessor Bronson Rueda. Join our virtual town hall on Wednesday, November 2 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Property taxes support your local services1

Property taxes in Clackamas County support 133 local government tax districts, including 18 school districts, 16 cities, 13 fire districts, and the county. Other service-providing tax districts include water districts, public safety districts, the Port of Portland, and the Metro.

1 Based on 2022 data

2 Service includes Library, Subway, Extension Office and Sewers

3 Miscellaneous includes harbor, vector, cemetery, water, parks and lighting

Values ​​and Updates

Real Market Value (RMV) in Clackamas County continued to rise for the January 1, 2022 valuation date. Residential markets remained very strong with many areas seeing double-digit increases with record high inventory and short time to market.

Property taxes in Oregon are based on assessed value (AV). AV is determined by the lower amount of RMV or Maximum Assessed Value (MAV). Under Measure 50, the MAV increases steadily by 3% each year, resulting in a typical tax increase of 3%. This will be the result for many owners again this year.

However, this will not be the case for everyone. Taxes that increase by more than 3% include changes to the property such as renovation, new construction, new voter-approved monetary measures, or a combination of changes.

Rising market values ​​may result in less tax savings under Measure 5, Oregon’s other property tax limitation.

Please visit our website for more information on property taxes.

Yellow or green statement?

A yellow tax slip means your mortgage lender has requested your payment information and may be paying your property tax. If you have questions, call your lender. Keep your statement for your records and don’t pay if your lender pays your taxes.

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