A wish list for Christmas pensions. What you said…


Professional pensions asked its Pension Buzz respondents to choose which topic or topic to include on a pension-themed Christmas wishlist this year. Here are the responses we received …


  • A timeline for implementing the recommendations of the 2017 Automatic Enrollment (AE) Examination.
  • The idea of ​​the retirement “statement season” will be abandoned
  • Accounting standards amended to remove pension assets and liabilities from company accounts
  • A freeze on new consultations until the implementation of the changes compared to those issued in 2020 and 2021
  • A pair of scissors to cut unnecessary paperwork
  • A life commission later

Pension dashboards

  • More clarity around dashboards
  • Pension dashboards to be canceled

Legislation and regulations

  • A break from any new legislation
  • Revision of winding-up rules to make it easier for plans to secure their commitments
  • A gradual increase in minimum employer contributions
  • The end of political gossip
  • A reversal of retirement freedoms
  • Less regulation, bureaucracy and government intervention
  • EI premium rate increase
  • Increase in minimum EI contributions
  • Less regulation and checkboxes
  • No change from official bodies or regulators for five years
  • Reverse the reform of the retail price index
  • Remove the rules for “own risk assessment”
  • Reduce excessive periods
  • Do more to prevent scams
  • Better rationalize pension legislation

Investment / economy

  • Management fees capped at ten basis points
  • Pandemic Inflation Retreat
  • New investment options adapted to the requirements of pension plans in terms of income, ESG and climate change
  • Real positive returns
  • Stable markets and low inflation
  • Grants that are still going up


  • Long-term stewardship and sustainability are unambiguously defined as fiduciary duties


  • Simplification of the pension tax
  • Abolition of the annual allowance (AA)
  • An increase in the lifetime allowance
  • Tax simplification so that plans can focus on members rather than bureaucracy and compliance
  • Increase AA

State pension

  • That the government pay a decent state pension
  • The triple lock is retained
  • Private pensions abolished and decent state pension benefits provided to all

Defined benefits

  • The end of forced disclosure of documents for closed defined benefit (DB) plans
  • So that the DB funding code does not “penalize” immature open plans with strong covenants
  • A better way to value liabilities
  • More pressure on sponsors to make meaningful contributions to debt reduction


  • A data cleansing wizard
  • Clean data


  • Better understanding of pensions by participants
  • Significant communication greeted with enthusiasm by all
  • A magic button that engages employees with pensions


  • A magic wand to make BPF disappear
  • A turnaround on the requirement to equalize historical transfer values
  • Get rid of the GMP equalizer
  • Speed ​​up GMP equalization
  • Introduce a simpler approach to GMP conversion
  • GMP equalization to go


  • That the rules of the working group on climate-related financial disclosures do not oblige investment managers and companies to change their behavior
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