Alex Murdaugh and his wife argued over money before his death


Alex murdaughhis wife’s wedding Maggie was already in trouble after the couple allegedly argued over dwindling funds and bad checks in the weeks before she and their son Paul were found dead in their hunting lodge.

His late wife allegedly confronted him about their finances after failing to pay a check she wrote for a charity.

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An insider said Daily mail, “their marriage was absolutely on the rocks”, and Alex was already “kicked out of the family” before the tragic incident took place.

“Alex and Maggie didn’t look at each other like they were married,” said the source, who claims to have known the former couple for three years. “There was no love lost between them. I never saw them touching or being affectionate.”

Source: @ maggie.murdaugh / Facebook

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They went on to claim that the duo’s financial problems had become so severe that Maggie “started putting money in her closet.”

“I don’t know if it was because she was planning to leave or because she knew she didn’t always have the money to pay the bills,” the informant said. “She confronted him more than once about money, and her response was always the same: ‘Leave it to me. I’ll find out like I did last time.'”

According to reports, Maggie knew Alex was suffering from an opioid addiction and had been doing so for some time, but the money problem was “new to her.”

“I remember one day it must have been a few months before she was killed, she was crying because she had written a check at a charity lunch, and it had bounced back,” the source recalled. . “She thought at first that there must be a mistake, but when she found out it wasn’t she was mortified and upset.”

The source also explained that Maggie “never had to think about money” when she was married to Alex, so she “chose her battles” when she began questioning him about their funds.

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alex murdaugh late wife argued the decrease in bad checks of funds weeks she and her son murdered r

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The family friend also revealed that Maggie feared her son Paul would “inherit his father’s addiction problem.” Therefore, she started asking him to spend more time with her and help her with the kennels. The two were later found dead in their cabin in South Carolina.

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As Previously reported radarAlex’s nightmare began in June when he returned to their hunting lodge and discovered that Maggie and Paul had been shot. The legal heir frantically called 911 to inform authorities of the horrific situation. The case remains unresolved, with authorities providing very little clue to the incident.

Following the tragic event, Alex reportedly went to himself to authorities for his alleged suicide plan to secure a $ 10 million life insurance payment for his last surviving son guy.

In addition, the former lawyer was also accused of embezzling over a million dollars from his law firm PMPED, which prompted the bosses of the firm to order him to withdraw from the company and hire an accounting firm to conduct an investigation.

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Murdaugh had been the subject of an investigation into the death of the family housekeeper, Gloria Satterfield. Last week Gloria’s sons would have concluded an agreement between the estate of Satterfield, lawyer Cory fleming, his law firm, Moss, Kuhn and Fleming, and their insurance company.

Just weeks before the murders of her and her son, Maggie also reportedly met a divorce lawyer to discuss the possibility of ending their marriage as she began to review their assets and planned to be financially independent.

However, Murdaugh’s spokesperson, Amanda Loveday, denied the information, describing them as “salacious” and “totally incompatible” with accounts from friends and family.

alex murdaugh late wife argued the decrease in bad checks of funds weeks she and her son murdered r

Source: @ maggie.murdaugh / Facebook

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