Ampliphi launches new platform to help organizations seamlessly accelerate the circular economy



The Ampliphi platform combines advanced analyzes and tailor-made advice to strengthen environmental action.

Posted: October 21, 2021 at 9:41 a.m. EDT|Update: 39 minutes ago

ATLANTA, 21 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – Ampliphi, a smart environmental consultancy focused on catalysing global sustainability, has launched a new approach to accelerate the circular economy and fight against plastic pollution.

As companies strive to decarbonize their operations and plastic waste hinders supply chains, decision-makers are often left rudderless to navigate uncharted waters. In addition, few services offer workable and profitable solutions. Ampliphi offers a unique approach to enable consumer brands to measure, reduce and communicate every aspect of their organization’s plastic footprint.

Ampliphi leverages a SaaS platform to give consumer brands a comprehensive analysis of their plastic footprint. Their platform is built around Ampliphi’s scientific methodology, constituting the basis of their concrete approach to plastic accounting. As investors, consumers and regulators amplify their calls for transparency and reliable sustainability claims, a comprehensive environmental accounting platform is the need of the moment.

Noah Godfrey, co-founder of Ampliphi, said: “Companies around the world are engaging in environmental actions. Unfortunately, many find it difficult to decipher the best course. The complexity of measuring impact and implementing initiatives has created a major hurdle for many companies. The data-driven platform takes a simple yet systematic approach to closing the gap. By focusing on creating transparency, verified recommendations and standardized reports, we deliver a solution that is simply effective. “

Ampliphi’s core platform combines advanced analytics and tailored advice to provide plastic footprint information, reduction strategies and sustainability reports. The platform is supported by a network of trusted solution providers hosted in the platform marketplace. Each solution provider is selected to enable companies to respond to all the nuances of reducing the plastic footprint.

“A future without plastic pollution is within our reach; we just need to implement and adapt existing solutions. We have designed our platform and methodology to achieve this, ”said Dominique santschi, co-founder of Ampliphi. “We hope to turn ambition into action and empower brands to accelerate a circular economy while providing solution providers with the platform they need to change the world.”

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About Ampliphi
Ampliphi is a smart environmental action platform that helps consumer brands accelerate the transition to a circular economy. By harnessing the power of data, they help businesses take a simple yet systematic approach to measuring, reducing and communicating their plastic footprint.

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