Britney Spears’ dad has ceased to control his fortune, but what does this mean for his future?


Britney Spears has been under guardianship with her father for 13 years, and following the ongoing #FreeBritney movement, she finally had it removed.

On Monday, she thanked her supporters in a Twitter post, saying she cried for two hours for the best fans.

The #FreeBrittany campaign has started to gain traction in recent years, along with numerous documentaries drawing public attention to Spears and the issues plaguing her.

It started around 2007 when his custody battle for Kevin Federline was made public and looked like it would only be temporary until Spears could come together.

That time never came, although she was still working, but was clearly deemed incapable of making her own medical and life decisions.

Finally, in 2021, his father was dismissed, but the guardianship is not yet over. was able to speak with Leslie Silva, a lawyer with Tully Rinckey of Albany, New York, who specializes in family and matrimonial law.

“This type of guardianship is really meant to be for people who cannot make decisions for themselves based on a medical diagnosis,” said Silva. “We really haven’t heard much about that, if she’s actually diagnosed with something – it’s her private medical information and we really don’t have a right to it, but the court has to find out.”

Silva added that Spears is in the company and functioning, so it may not be as strong a handicap as her father claims.

Episodic behaviors are not unheard of when it comes to custody battles, Silva says.

“I do a lot of family and marriage law, and when people go through these really tough break-ups and the kids are involved, when you face the idea that you might be wasting time with your kids, a lot of trauma comes from that. and sometimes people can have blackouts, ”she said.

“But that doesn’t mean they are forever and it doesn’t mean they can’t get advice and treatment, or that they have to take medicine, or that someone makes all of their decisions. in their place, then I think it went to an extreme where it didn’t need to go, she said.

Unfortunately, these situations are not uncommon among celebrities.

Amanda Bynes, 35, is currently under guardianship under her mother’s guardianship, according to Mama mia. Hers is different because his mother gave the financial rights back to Bynes in 2017, which made his guardianship much less restrictive than that of Spears.

One of the reasons Silva thinks this happens to celebrities is because of their money.

“Over time, many celebrities have made a lot of money and lost their fortunes because of their reckless behavior; this is America and you have the freedom to do it here, ”she said. “You have the freedom to work, so you have the freedom to shop and spend your money if you want to. If it wasn’t for her money, I wonder, would her family have taken these steps? They all seem to be funded by her and their personal interests need to be recognized, so hopefully the court will look into that when they do this investigation.

Jamie Spears agreed to step down from guardianship following his daughter’s complaints of abuse of guardianship and getting a new lawyer.

Although his father resigned, according to meow, his new restaurateur, CPA John Zabel, is not qualified in Spears’ eyes to manage his $ 60 million fortune.

It also emerged that his father had had a physical altercation with one of his sons.

“Sir. Zabel is going to take over for now for his finances, they haven’t terminated or ended the general guardianship,” Silva said. “I think it’s because the court really wants to overseeing the transition of documents and that Mr. Spears hand over whatever he’s supposed to do. Given the allegations against Mr. Spears, I’m going to assume the court wants to stay on top of any forensic bookkeeping that’s going to be made and see if there really is any wrongdoing on his part.

Although Spears is not fully in guardianship, she is out of her father’s control and it is a step in the right direction.

Silva added that Spears’ father manages her wealth while Jodi Montgomery takes care of Britney’s life, and that she seems confident in Spears to manage hers one day.

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