Business advice on targeted energy actions ahead of finance awareness day

(The Magazine Plus Editorial): – Denver, Colorado August 12, 2022 ( – Ahead of National Finance Awareness Day, August 14, Finance and Fractional Trading Company Focused Energy (FE) reminds business leaders of the importance of financial clarity in building resilient businesses.

The health of any business is tied to its financial well-being. A lack of financial clarity leading to poor money management can cause a lot of stress and fear of failure. Entrepreneurs and business leaders need to take extra steps to understand their business finances and what that data is telling them.

“When things finally start to look up in your business and you gain momentum, the last thing you want is for your progress to come to a screeching halt due to unforeseen financial obstacles,” says Drew Lyon, Managing Partner at FE, and Founder. “We hope National Financial Awareness Day will spark conversations among businesses about the state of their finances and improve decision-making for the future.”

Tips for Understanding Business Finances

  • Maintain accurate and clear financial records
  • Focus on cash flow
  • Ask your accounting team questions
  • Compare financial data with benchmarks and peers
  • Review financial reports monthly
  • Develop forecasts based on market scenarios to make informed decisions
  • Never lose sight of your mission and core values

Sometimes taking a business to the next level of growth requires outside help. FE’s team of fractional finance and operations experts provide businesses with the skills and knowledge they need while minimizing their reliance on full-time staff. This includes advisory services for forecasting, cash flow analysis, operational strategy, forensic accounting, debt consolidation, due diligence, inheritance planning, and more.

Focused Energy is headquartered at 3391 W 32nd Avenue, Denver, CO, 80211, and customers worldwide. Business owners can contact by phone at (844) 413-6287 or visit the company’s website:

About Focused Energy

Focused Energy is an outsourced CFO, financial advisors and operations for small and medium businesses. Our multidisciplinary team provides insights to help business leaders achieve their mission, improve profitability and reduce stress – at a fraction of what they would normally pay for full-time staff. Based in Denver, CO, Focused Energy has staff and customers nationwide. For more information, visit

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