Congress hounds on frightening spending spree


It’s not the ghosts and goblins that taxpayers should be worried about as Halloween approaches, but rather the frightening amount of spending growing like weeds on Capitol Hill. While there is song and Party for billions of dollars in spending, the ghost of government waste lurks, which is evident in the Prime Cups 2021 report, and PMAC 2021 tips and treats listing.

The current national debt of $ 28.9 trillion is expected to grow at a record pace to $ 41.2 trillion by FY 2031, and that doesn’t take into account proposed infrastructure bills that could total up to $ 7 trillion. The fiscal quagmire is further compounded by the abusive spending habits of members of Congress, who are like pigs feeding at the watering hole, acting like a bunch of wild boars and sows chewing the sauce reserved now that the moratorium on this corrupt policy and costly, and unfair practices have been lifted.

As of March 2020, Congress has allocated $ 5.7 trillion to various COVID-19 relief programs, with at least $ 1 trillion to spend. Not only is it time to take a surgical break before digging deeper into taxpayers’ wallets, it may also be time to simply stop this process. Imagine if Victor Frankenstein had done that – recheck before inserting a criminal mastermind into his creation. Would the monster have been half the scary?

Even with $ 1 trillion in uncommitted funds still available in pandemic relief programs, they demand that taxpayers shell out an additional $ 1.2 trillion for the bipartisan infrastructure program, and at least $ 3.5 trillion. additional dollars (with some estimates of $ 5.5 trillion or more) for President BidenJoe BidenSinema raises funds in Europe as reconciliation talks ‘underway’: Report from Mexico urges US to invest more in Central America to stem migration flows Trump calls for Take Back Virginia Rally to hype Youngkin PLUS advertisingthe “human” infrastructure package. And the president says that all of that spending will be “free.” Such a magical thought is echoed throughout his cabinet and by the Speaker of the House Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosi Former Rep. Dale Kildee Dies At 92 Capitol Police Forcing Vaccines On Dignitaries’ Protection Division Agents: McConnell-aligned Group Targeting Kelly, Cortez Masto and Hassan with Mr. (D-California). None of these supporters of new and excessive spending has said a word about reducing government waste. You would think that at least one of the 580 recommendations that will save $ 380 billion in one year and $ 4 trillion over five years would be interesting, at least the ones Joe Biden supported when he was vice president. .

For example, the Obama-Biden administration has regularly advised cutting funds for the community development program because “the demonstration of results [is] difficult to measure and assess. The administration also recommended in its 2012 fiscal year budget that the Denali Commission in Alaska should be abolished. Then there’s the market access program, a great example of corporate welfare that gives profitable businesses and trade associations money to advertise their products overseas. The Obama-Biden administration’s fiscal 2012 budget suggested there should be a 20% cut in the MAP budget. The Heritage Partnership Program has been the target of budget cuts in each of the Obama-Biden budgets. And perhaps the Biden-Harris administration could close, consolidate, or sell at least one of the nearly 17,000 warehouses, 16,570 parking lots and garages, 5,066 bathrooms, 2,427 schools, 1,500 prisons and 766 hospitals that were identified as federal real property by the General Service Administration in December 2017, as required by the Federal Real Property Management Act promulgated by president obamaBarack Hussein Obama Trump Calls Take Back Virginia Rally To Hype Youngkin On The Money – Chains You Can’t Believe: Biden Tackles Supply Grunts White House Scrambles to Avoid Supply Chain Crisis supply PLUS one year earlier.

Instead of considering a single penny of the cuts he fought for as vice president, Joe Biden is doing absolutely nothing to cut spending. In fact, he has not even mentioned “government waste” in anything he has said since taking the oath.

At a time when the nation faces the continued fiscal impact of the pandemic, including 10 million job openings, now is not the time to dramatically expand the welfare state and allow more more people to stay at home and become more dependent on the federal government. . And the programs that are offered are incredibly unnecessary. There really is no need to spend $ 2.25 billion on a new Civilian Climate Corps, which will be little more than people paid to pick up trash along highways and tell people the climate is changing. .

As Congress moves forward with “infrastructure” bills and regular agency budgets through the remainder of 2021, there must be full accountability to the American people before the House and Senate vote to use. their taxes to pay for all these various new programs. . They cannot be taken seriously if they cannot find a penny in savings to compensate for this unprecedented expansion in the size, reach and power of the federal government.

Deborah Collier is Vice President of Policy and Government Affairs at ACGW.

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