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SAN FRANCISCO, September 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Extreme wealth always seems to have a dark side, like the victims of breathtaking inequality. There is a lot of debate about whether billionaires should exist because politicians and politicians are on sale at prices that only one percent can actually afford to pay. We rarely hear justice stories about the richest people of all time. In this unique memoir, American business mogul, director and aviator Howard R. Hughes Jr. and his pugnacious lawyer, Chester Davis, were shot dead by a brilliant and passionate lawyer, John Bales Clark, and a diligent and talented young CPA, Paul Régan. Clark and Regan are dedicated to restoring what was wrongfully taken from their clients by Hughes and Davis.

This story turns into a fight led by Clark and Regan as they unravel an injustice perpetrated by Hughes and Davis on the shareholders of Air West, Inc. Throughout this trip there was a parallel trail involving the CIA , the Ministry of Justice and a Soviet. submarine carrying nuclear missiles. The connection between Clark and Regan’s trip, the CIA, and the Soviet submarine was a coincidence; However, without this connection, their careers might not have been as golden as they have become. This secret connection, and Clark and Regan’s efforts to use it to bring down Howard Hughes, were only told to a very few, until The Forensic.

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Paul Regan worked as an expert in forensic accounting litigation with John Clark, until John’s death, over a period of 40 years. Their work together has taken them to many states and federal jurisdictions across the United States. Paul has also worked with hundreds of other attorneys at the world’s largest law firms, as well as with the SEC, the US Department of Justice, and many state attorneys general. His expert testimony in the biggest corporate frauds of the past 40 years has been presented not only in the United States, but in England, at the World Court in The Hague (against the Islamic Republic of Iran), in Canada, Australia and Guam.

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