Guernsey’s role as an international financial center

Guernsey, the second largest of the Channel Islands, has a long history of providing trust services, primarily trusts and limited liability companies. It is a leading international financial center and has an enviable reputation for providing high quality services in a well-regulated jurisdiction, delivered by talented and experienced people. We discover the services of Aquitaine Group for wealthy individuals.

The island of Guernsey is tax neutral for non-residents. There is no capital tax on the island and, with the exception of income from Guernsey property, income from a structure set up by a non-resident is outside the net. Guernsey Tax.

The trust industry is well established in Guernsey and there is indeed a reference to a trust in court records from over 400 years ago. Guernsey codified its trusts law in 1989 and this was updated and expanded in 2007. The law is supported by a host of court decisions.

Aquitaine Group Limited was established in 2008 and merged with an existing Guernsey trust company in 2013. It currently employs over 40 people in Guernsey and with its sister company Summit Trust International SA in Geneva and the Caymans, the group has a total of 75 employees .

Aquitaine combines the strengths of an institutional agent, including good corporate governance, a strong culture of compliance and a cautious approach to risk, with personalized, professional and quality service. We consider ourselves international fiduciaries and travel extensively to meet with clients.

The Aquitaine team nurtures an international and diverse client base and all relationships are led by directors. Aquitaine’s directors all have extensive experience in dealing with high net worth clients and their families and in managing large and often complex trust and corporate structures. We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke and personalized service tailored to each individual client, which has helped ensure that our client retention rate is exceptionally high and our client base continues to grow year on year. We know our clients, their business objectives, their family dynamics and their personal desires, our emotional intelligence allows us to be a trusted partner as well as an effective fiduciary.

Private customers

The types of services that Aquitaine offers to private clients revolve around family wealth planning either in the context of estate planning or in the context of inter vivos transfers between different family branches or generations. The trust and corporation still dominate as the entities of choice for tax and estate planning in common law jurisdictions. However, Guernsey enacted legislation allowing the creation and management of foundations on January 8, 2013.

Aquitaine provides services to each of these vehicles throughout their life cycle and our services generally include the following:-

• The formation, management and administration of trusts, including acting as a corporate trustee, or as an executor or protector of trusts;
• The formation, management and administration of companies, limited partnerships and other vehicles, including the provision of directors of companies or individuals;
• The establishment, management and administration of foundations, including serving as a member of the Foundation Board or other officers; and
• The provision of execution services.

Customer base

Aquitaine provides a wide variety of services to corporate clients, including acting as trustee of employee benefit trusts, long-term incentive plans and other similar trust structures.

For corporate clients, Aquitaine’s range of services goes beyond the function of trustee or corporate administrator and includes the provision of stand-alone accounting, secretarial and corporate governance services.

family office

Aquitaine Trustees have experience working with family offices or providing family office services to wealthy families.

Aquitaine can help you get in touch with bankers, wealth managers, legal and tax advisers, insurers and professionals from many other disciplines thanks to our extensive network of professional contacts and intermediaries.

Aquitaine does not provide legal advice, tax advice, investment advice, insurance advice and does not offer banking services. It is only authorized to provide fiduciary and administrative services.

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