Hanryu Bank, valued at $ 460 million by KPMG


KPMG is a global consulting and accounting firm founded in 1987 by the merger of PMI (Peat Marwick International) and Klynveld Main Goerdeler (KMG).

KPMG, one of the world’s four largest accounting and consulting firms, currently has members in 146 countries and employs more than 140,000 people.

In this business valuation, KPMG assessed the business using various approaches, such as the “revenue approach” which assesses potential profits through cash flow, the “market approach” which uses the Public Company Guidelines (GPC) method that evaluates against similar trading platforms. , and the “cost approach” which is evaluated using the reproduction cost or the cost value index.

Hanryu Bank was also assessed in three areas: Korean Wave Platform (FNS) business, ERP business, and blockchain technology. “FNS” promotes Korean Wave culture, business and advertising through the “FANTOO” app, a community platform for global Korean Wave fans. The ERP activity targets groupware, ERP and IB activities, which are management solutions for small and medium enterprises and venture capital companies. Blockchain activity using ‘Fandom Chain’ mainly targets PG, FinTech and Coins (KDC) businesses.

In particular, the app “FANTOO” is a social networking platform for 100 million global Korean wave fans around the world, and supports real-time translation function for all services for convenient communication. between them. FANTOO is at the forefront of the global Korean wave with its various original content and events.

The company plans to increase usability and scalability by connecting entertainment, media and financial technology businesses using KDC (KingdomCoin), the main coin of Hanryu Bank’s self-developed FandomChain. KDC is currently listed on the global cryptocurrency exchanges, LBank and XT.COM, and currently pursues listings on three or four of the largest exchanges.

An official from Hanryu Bank said, “KPMG’s enterprise value assessment report is significant that we are evaluating the development process of the various 4th industries of Hanryu Bank, such as the Korean wave, the AI, blockchain and metaverse, and let’s recognize the potential performance of our business. Starting with the official opening of FANTOO on September 30, we will bring the value of Korean Wave to 150 million Korean Wave fans around the world. “

SOURCE Hanryu Bank

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