Institute Charges New Inductees on Professionalism | The Guardian Nigeria News

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) has tasked its 73 new inductees with raising the bar for professional service.

The 57th President of ICAN, Comfort Eyitayo, said so during the induction ceremony for new inductees into his faculties, which was held virtually in Lagos.

The breakdown of new inductees includes Audit Investigations and Forensic Accounting Faculty (48), Corporate Financial Management (five), Corporate Reporting (eight), Insolvency and Corporate Reengineering ( 12).

Eyitayo challenged them to always remember that they represent the institute and therefore have a responsibility to maintain their professional relevance in the highly competitive market and to be worthy ambassadors of ICAN.

She said: “With this certification, the stakes are now high for you, as the company seeks unquestionable professional advice and guidance in these technical areas.

You should always remember that the quality of the services you render to your clients not only gives credence to your competence but would also be opportunities for subsequent job offers. I want to reiterate that the world has a way of creating chambers for those who are committed to the culture of excellence, probity, accuracy and integrity.

“We live in a highly connected and rapidly changing environment that places a high value on specialization. As professionals, we benefit from specialization because not only do we gain deeper and more competitive knowledge in our chosen field, but we also become members of the select few who belong to those areas of specialization. Your wise choice to become a member of one or more faculties of the institute also offers you the privilege of networking and collaborating with other members of the same faculty.

The ICAN boss reiterated that the institute’s faculties were launched 21 years ago to provide technical support to members based on their particular professional needs, adding that the faculties are centers of excellence for the strengthening of basic skills in seven different areas of specialization.

The goals of the faculties, she explained, are broad in identifying the unique needs of members, providing timely and relevant professional information in the seven areas of specialization as well as training and certifying the specialized skills of members.

According to her, since its inception, the faculties, which include auditing, investigation and forensic accounting, corporate financial management, corporate reporting, consulting and information technology, insolvency and corporate re-engineering, public financial management and taxation as well as tax policy, have contributed to the professionalism of the country.

“Members of the different faculties are sought after in the elucidation of various financial crimes as forensic auditors, tax specialists in the financial sector of the economy, consultants in accounting technologies, insolvency practitioners, among others. To ensure faculty members’ adherence to high ethical and professional conduct, we educate them on their particular statutory duties and responsibilities so that a culture of best practice develops in each specialist area.

This would not only help our members to always adopt a professional disposition and conduct, but it would also help promote a society where ethics and professionalism are enshrined as the norm rather than the exception,” she said.

She further assured that the inductees have been tested and deemed worthy by the institute’s board of trustees to receive the prestigious ICAN certificates as specialists.

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