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WILMINGTON, Del., January 5, 2022 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Mobile2CRM, a technology innovator in the integration of cellular technology, with CRM and other business systems, today announced that international accounting firm Wiskind & Bittas has selected and implemented Mobile2TeamsTM as part of the company’s efforts to integrate its communications infrastructure into a global envelope focused on streamlining processes, reducing operational costs, increasing efficiency and supporting accelerated growth expected in the coming years.

Wiskind and Bittas have implemented Microsoft Teams in the past for its conferencing and chatting capabilities, and sought a solution that would exploit it as the primary communications platform for the organization.

After comparing offerings from a number of vendors, the company’s technology advisors speculated that Mobile2Teams provided the functionality required to transform Microsoft Teams into Wiskind & Bittas’ next-generation holistic communications platform, adding the CRM integration, call recordings, IVR, transcription, hooks for analysis. – and integrate fixed, cellular, voice and text communications under one roof.

“We are delighted to have won the trust of Wiskind & Bittas”, said Joshua Béhar, CEO, Mobile2CRM. “Being selected to activate their next-generation communications envelope was a difficult effort and we are proud to have met Wiskind & Bittas’ requirements, which also included strict confidentiality and regulatory compliance. “

“We have struggled with a communications infrastructure that includes a number of disparate components,” said Omri Bittas, Partner, Wiskind & Bittas. “We use various offerings from multiple vendors and we needed to find a seamless way to connect all the parts together and provide a seamless operating solution that offers robust security while simultaneously providing our employees and our customers’ users the business efficiency and productivity to enable our expected acceleration of growth in the years to come.

About Wiskind & Bittas

The team of experienced and professional accountants of the accounting firm Wiskind & Bittas is certified in United States and in Israel. To provide uncompromising professional services dealing with tax matters, investment due diligence and the aggravated complexity of two national tax authorities. We believe in reliability, precision and personal care. We operate with the understanding that the client is a long-term partner and our goal is to meet the business and accounting needs of our clients.

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About Mobile2CRM

With Mobile2CRM, businesses, enterprises and organizations can use the cellular communication capabilities of their employees to extend their customer reach, increase their revenues and streamline their operations. Mobile2CRM transfers business information from employees’ cell phones to corporate CRM and other systems, enabling mobile and remote corporate employees to increase productivity, performance and income.

Mobile2CRM’s unique solution automatically captures, records and logs cellular interactions in enterprise systems and databases requiring no user intervention. The company benefits from mobile call recording capabilities that comply with recording and monitoring regulations, ensuring that employee privacy is fully protected.

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