It’s accounting time for non-accountants at Tekedia Mini-MBA

Accounting – more than a profession. Yes, accountants run the boards. If you can’t make sense of finance and money, you’re probably following others, because at the end of it all, most profit-driven business activities are defined by two main documents: the balance sheet and the income statement.

It doesn’t matter that you didn’t study accounting at university. When I started my banking career, I used the first week to build a matrix of all the leaders of all the banks in Nigeria (as shown on their websites) – and mapped the commonalities between them. In the end, I realized one thing: most were chartered accountants. Quickly, I registered for the ICAN exam. Why not? I also wanted to be on top. I was in PE 1 when engineering told me to stay that way!

Understanding the value, Tekedia Mini-MBA has created many accounting courses. Join us tomorrow as Augustine Akande, PMP, ACA, M.Sc. takes us on an accounting excursion for non-accountants focusing on project management. This will lead to our accounting module. You need to understand “accounts” even if you run a dog shop or work at a software company.

Registration for the Tekedia Mini-MBA (February 6 – May 6, 2023) has started. register here. The cost is N60,000 or $140 for the 12-week program if you register before November 5, 2022. Beat the early risers for free books, discounts and other bonuses.

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