Jamie Spears suspended as Britney Spears curator


Britney Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, was suspended from his guardianship on Wednesday.

Chartered accountant John Zabel has been appointed temporary custodian of his estate, at the request of Britney Spears’ attorney, Mathew Rosengart.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny said the immediate suspension was necessitated by a “toxic environment.”

Penny added that the suspension is “in the best interests of Britney Spears”.

Jamie Spears had overseen his daughter’s finances since the guardianship was put in place in 2008. He also controlled his personal affairs until 2019, when he stepped down from the role, citing health concerns. At that time, professional trustee Jodi Montgomery assumed the role.

Rosengart, former federal prosecutor, filed in july to delete Jamie Spears of the Guardianship, calling the current arrangement a “Kafkaesque nightmare” which “has become more and more toxic and is simply no longer sustainable.”

Meanwhile, Jamie Spears deposit earlier this month to end the trusteeship completely. “If Ms. [Britney] Spears wants to end the guardianship and thinks she can manage her own life, Mr. Spears thinks she should be given that chance, “reads a recent filing.

Rosengart called Jamie Spears’ actions a “desperate effort to distract from his blatant incompetence. [and] serious misconduct, including the dissipation of funds. He also criticized Jamie Spears for using what he believes to be stall tactics.

However, the two parties are aligned in their desire to end the trusteeship. Rosengart said in a recent court filing that he and his team wanted the trusteeship to be completed in its entirety “this fall” and “officially wound up,” but he has yet to file documents to do so.

The next hearing will be on November 12. At that point, the court should make a decision regarding the termination of the guardianship. There will be another hearing on December 13 regarding a litany of financial and accounting matters.

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