MOULTRIE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL RACE: Turnipseed Offers ‘Another Pair of Eyes’ to Encourage Growth | Local News


MOULTRIE, GA – Moultrie’s attorney, Kenneth “Ken” Turnipseed, is currently seeking election to District Council II, Ext. 5, City of Moultrie.

The turnip is native to Montgomery, Alabama. He graduated from the University of Alabama with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and then a master’s degree in tax accounting. In 2003, he graduated magna cum laude from the University of Alabama Law School.

Prior to attending law school, Turnipseed practiced as a tax consultant for Ernst & Young, LLP in Birmingham. After graduation, he practiced law at the regional law firm Balch & Bingham, LLP, where he provided “representation of public and private companies relating to finance and securities; provided technical advice on health care regulation to physicians, hospitals and health systems; and has represented various business and healthcare clients in transactional matters, including mergers and acquisitions, ”according to his short bio available on his current firm’s website.

“I decided I wanted to see trade deals and transactions outside of tax blinders,” Turnipseed said in a recent interview. “In the meantime, however, I have met Fraley Carolton and she is from Moultrie. I was working about a billion hours a week before having our first child in 2005. The idea of ​​moving came into play. “

The Turnipseeds moved to Moultrie just before their first daughter, Ellis, was 1 year old. She currently attends Colquitt County High School while their youngest daughter, Greer, attends CA Gray Junior High School. Both are football players, members of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and “greedy” members of their church’s youth group.

Turnipseed himself has worked for the law firm Whelchel & Carlton, LLP for 15 years, he said. He says his practice of bringing new technology to the business is something he wants to do for every citizen of Moultrie. He previously served as Chair of the Arts Council, Trustee of First United Methodist, and current President of the Kiwanis Club. He served on the foundation of the hospital with other charities, religious organizations and clubs.

“It’s great to work for a law firm that has been around for over 100 years,” he said. “But there are a lot of files. I have worked to bring some of the latest technology to the office. This is what I want to do for the people of Moultrie.

He says his expertise in business relations is something he hopes to bring to city council. He says this is the reasoning behind his campaign slogan, “Grow Moultrie”.

“I’ve been representing the people and businesses of Moultrie for quite some time now,” he said. “From there, I have a lot of connections with the city and the county. I see from a consumer, business and personal perspective and how he does business. I think my journey is unique and can benefit the city for the future… I think we can do things to help businesses, make the city more attractive to new businesses, make efforts to increase the workforce. ‘work and have people who want people here to be successful. “

He further explained that he has “sailed the waters” in his job and sees potential for Moultrie.

“I know what that entails and I know where we can potentially make things better and more attractive. With diverse experience I’ve seen things in other places and seen how it’s done. This is where you get these benefits of having that extra outside knowledge and providing another set of eyes. A different point of view than maybe always has been done, ”said Turnipseed.

Turnipseed said his decision to run came mostly from outside sources when asked why he decided to run this year.

“I wanted to run because it’s something I’ve always thought about. I’ve had clients and friends asking me to run so I decided to put my toe in the water. I think these outside experiences and my background in accounting and law will bring so many opportunities to the city. “

He went on to say that new technologies and new innovations are what will set Moultrie apart.

“The forward thinking and progressive thinking process that I have used with my own business is something that I can add to the city and, as a result, grow. “

He said that throughout the campaign he will pick up the phones, knock on doors, be available and make his name known.

“I want people to have the chance to know me.

Early voting will take place from October 11 to 29. The general election will take place on November 2.

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