New federal infrastructure funding challenges recruiters to fill positions


1939 photo by the Works Projects Administration and 2021 photo by the Federal Highway Administration

From civil engineering staffing to recruiting construction managers, it has been the largest recruiting company since 1939.

CHINO HILL, CA, USA, Oct. 1, 2021 / – When the US Senate passed the $ 1,000 billion bipartisan infrastructure plan on August 10, it added $ 550 billion in new funding. As America waits to see which version of this legislation is agreed by the House of Representatives and the United States Senate to send to the president to sign the law, recruiting companies prepare to answer the call to fill the inevitable positions. vacancies coming to rebuild the country. This budget allocation will create the greatest demand for skilled workers for public projects that we have seen since 1939.

What’s in the deal. “It invests $ 110 billion in roads, bridges and other major projects, $ 66 billion in passenger and freight rail transport, $ 65 billion in broadband, $ 55 billion in systems water supply and $ 39 billion in public transportation, among other expenses. ” – CNBC, Senate passes $ 1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill…, August 10, 2021, by Jacob Pramuk

According to the non-partisan research and policy institute The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, investing in public infrastructure “is essential for creating good jobs and promoting a full economic recovery.” The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal invests in a wide range of public projects. Many of them are exactly what one would expect to improve roads, bridges, railways, ports, airports, clean water, pollution control and high speed internet. Beyond making progress in these day-to-day public systems, the agreement aspires to deliver a clean energy future. This promise is materialized by research and development of new sources of renewable energy and carbon capture. The scope of clean energy distribution will be extended by installing new transmission lines and networks. This even includes the addition of electric vehicle charging stations along road corridors.

From civil engineering staffing to recruiting construction managers, many types of jobs will be in demand. “Now is the right time for anyone considering adding a certification or a new skill to do so in order to strengthen their position as an outstanding candidate. “- Barrett Kuethen, COO of Amtec

Types of positions with an upcoming increase in demand include Accounting Manager, Civil Engineer, Construction Cost Estimator, Construction Foreman, Construction Project Manager, Controller, Cost Accountant , design engineer, finance manager, operations manager, electrical designer, electrical engineer, equipment operator, maintenance manager, maintenance mechanic, maintenance technician, mechanical engineer, operations manager , project engineer, quality manager, quality engineer, quality manager and personnel accountant.

It will be a challenge to find the best talent for each vacant position. Meeting this challenge means not only finding candidates with the right skills, but also finding answers to more important questions such as relocation and which candidate is the right fit for each specific team. Spending taxpayer dollars on infrastructure requires each contributing group to function as a high performing team. Developing successful teams can take years, so how will businesses, organizations, and agencies get there in a matter of months? The way recruiting companies recommend hiring managers to achieve this is to write highly informative job postings that help candidates determine if the position is right for them or not, and then use behavioral interview questions. to determine which of the matching candidates is the correct one. fit for work.

It is an exciting time for America. The opportunity to do well while doing good, to build a better future for our children and to create environmentally friendly systems to be better stewards of our planet. Where there is a will, there is a way!

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