Philly assessment could cost homeowners more in taxes

The Board requested the information in order to do its own analysis to see if the data is within acceptable limits. Aros said the results have been certified by an external review to meet acceptable industry guidelines.

Council member Curtis Jones refuted this statement. In his neighborhood, “values ​​are everywhere, and I know the neighborhood well enough to know that a lot of them are single-family ranch-style homes,” Jones said. “I can’t understand the variance in some of these properties.”

There were concerns about how the higher tax assessments would impact people’s ability to pay their bills. Council member Cindy Bass told the hearing it could force people out of town.

“Black and brown people who live in gentrifying neighborhoods will be negatively affected,” Bass said. “You’re also going to have a significant effect on non-minority, middle-income people who are barely holding on.”

Official appraisals will be mailed to owners in September, with a paper appeal form attached to the appraisal. At least the goal is to mail them out in September. The vendor the city hired to do the mailing is having supply chain issues sourcing enough envelopes.

Officials estimate that up to 20% of those who receive the new assessment will appeal. There are also programs to help people ease their tax burden, such as the Homestead Exemption, Longtime Owner Occupants Program (LOOP), which can help those who see a sudden increase in their tax bill. There’s also help for low-income residents and help for seniors who want to freeze their taxes at current rates.

City residents can find information about their new assessment on the Office of Property Assessment website. The increases are for the 2023 tax year, as citywide reassessments for the 2021 and 2022 tax years were postponed due to concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Appeals against the fee increase must be filed by October 3. This date is set by the state, not the city.

The Tax Review Board is expected to start hearing appeals in January 2023 and is asking people to file their appeals as soon as possible to expedite the process. This could move the call start date to October.

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