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Hunters and shooters in Chautauqua County may want to start planning to travel to Pennsylvania to purchase ammunition in case New York’s proposed 5 cent tax on each round of ammunition becomes law.

Hunters and sportsmen in other parts of the state won’t be so lucky. If they want to continue enjoying the outdoor sports they love, they will have to pay more for the privilege of exercising their Second Amendment rights.

S.8415 has been proposed in the Senate with additional legislation expected in the Assembly. Although the bills have yet to be debated before a legislative committee, raising money for the Gun Violence Research Fund appears to be a top priority for legislative Democrats and Governor Kathy Hochul.

In our view, the state does not need money from responsible gun owners to pay for gun violence research that the state can easily pay for itself. The billions of dollars in additional spending proposed by the Senate and Assembly for the 2022-23 state budget are proof of that.

The state Assembly recently passed a law that allows those with a strong commitment to gun violence research to donate to the cause on their tax returns. During the debate over donating the tax form for gun violence research, Assemblyman Andrew Goodell, R-Jamestown, made a point we wish more state legislators would consider – the state must address the root causes of the violence, period.

“The concern many of us have is that the focus on guns is the wrong target,” he said. “The focus must be on the individual who commits acts of violence, whether they do so with a gun, knife or blunt instrument. And if you look at the number of very serious assaults, you realize that firearms are part of it, but only part of it.

Goodell is correct, in our view. Gun violence is a problem, but it’s part of a bigger problem. This is good if the state wants to study the causes of violence to determine future policy initiatives. He should do it on his own and investigate the cause of all violence, not just gun violence.

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