Report: No Ownership Votes Scheduled Next Week on Daniel Snyder

Getty Images

New ESPN article suggests pressure to evict Commanders owner Daniel Snyder from Club Oligarch could arrive as soon as next week, when the owners meet in New York. However, this is not on the agenda at the moment.

Rob Maaddi of the Associated Press reports that there is no plan vote on Snyder’s status at future meetings.

Of course, plans can change. Whenever 24 owners decide to do something, they can do it, when and where they are. They will be in the same room next week. In theory, they can make a run at Snyder, if they want.

Even though Snyder’s partners will eventually make a move towards him, it’s currently premature to do so. Mary Jo White’s investigation, sparked by allegations made directly against Snyder by Tiffani Johnston, is ongoing. The House Oversight Committee has also not yet released a report on its work.

Either or both of these ongoing probes could generate something that would create the momentum needed for a move against Snyder. Even then, some may have to worry about Snyder leaking all the dirt he’s been able to compile regarding owners and top league officials, right down to the commissioner.

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