St. Louis Carpenters Financial Records Indicate “Disorderly” Accounting of Union and Benefit Funds | Local company



Big spenders

Meanwhile, one type of employee expense in addition to salaries – disbursements for official business – suddenly ceased to be reported under this category. The additional expenses for employees in the most recent report were reclassified as allowances after years of being classified as official business expenses.

And the amount spent for non-salary employee expenses fell almost 40% to $ 400,000 in fiscal 2021, from $ 650,000 the year before. From mid-2018 to mid-2019, these extra-salary disbursements had jumped from $ 180,000 to $ 688,000.

Some employees have reported massive spending in recent years. One, Deborah Collins, head of the front office, declared $ 92,000 in “official business disbursements” in fiscal 2019 and $ 119,000 in fiscal 2020, far more than her salary for each. of those years. She did not report any expenses in this category the previous year. And in the most recent report, she only reported $ 6,400 in “allowances” and a salary of $ 84,000.

Other office workers also reported large payments beyond wages in the years leading up to the most recent report. Kristina Webb brought in almost as much as her salary – $ 54,000 – in official business disbursements for fiscal 2019. In fiscal 2020, it was $ 37,000. Vicky Andrews, who worked in accounting, reported $ 42,000 in disbursements in fiscal 2019 and $ 26,000 in the year to June 2020. Her allocations fell to $ 7,500 in 2021, with a salary of $ 67,000.


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