State Board of Education Approves $ 9.1 Million Withholding from Epic Charter Schools | Local news


“I personally think the current administration wants to do the right thing, wants to move forward, wants to serve the students of Epic well,” Monies said. “I think it’s important – Epic has accepted the number and is helpful and cooperative. It shows they’re going in the right direction.”

In late May, Epic’s board of directors voted to divorce the Epic One-on-One and Epic Blended learning centers from for-profit school management company Epic Youth Services, resulting in co-founders of schools, David Chaney and Ben Harris, millionaires of the past decade.

Until those ties were severed, Epic’s two schools in Oklahoma paid EYS a 10% reduction in all state and federal funding they received.

The state auditor openly wondered how, when Epic limited itself to spending no more than 5% of its taxpayer’s money on administrative costs, that in all previous years, its board of The administration had paid Harris and Chaney’s for-profit company double for running the school.

And to compound administrative overheads, according to Byrd, the duo hired all the administrative staff at Epic charter schools at state expense to do the job their for-profit management company was paid for.

“Who protects the school and its students? Why should Epic’s new board of directors be required to pay for the abuses and misdeeds of the fired management company? “Byrd said in a press release Thursday.” The new board of directors d ‘Epic Charter Schools has made great strides towards transparency and has been very cooperative in providing (the State Auditor and Inspector’s Office) the necessary documentation; now they are under attack.


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