Surgent Accounting & Financial Education Introduces Two New Online CPE Courses

Surgent Accounting & Financial Education, a division of KnowFully Learning Group, today announced two new online Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses created to educate participants on the tax implications of issues recently signed into law by President Joe Biden. One course examines the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) on auto and energy tax credits, and the other covers the effects of the new tax relief plan. student debt on individuals and employers.

“The Reducing Inflation Act Changes to Auto and Energy-Related Tax Credits (AEC2)” will air Oct. 19 from 2-4 p.m. ET, while “Refund and Forgiveness of Student Loans: Analysis and Impact on Individuals and Employers (SLR2)” will air on October 25 from 10 a.m. to noon ET. Each course will also be available at later dates. Self-study will also be available.

“Whether for individuals or businesses, tax planning requires an ever-changing body of knowledge. Our goal at Surgent is to make this training as transparent and up-to-date as possible for tax professionals,” said Nick Spoltore, Vice President of Strategic Content Development at Surgent. “These CPE courses address the tax implications of recent filings that affect millions of Americans and American businesses, and we know each will be extremely helpful to our clientele.”

Surgent published a course dealing with the initial impacts of the IRA immediately after its adoption in August 2022. This second course is distinct in that it addresses new details about tax credits that have largely emerged in the months since followed the passage of the IRA.

The IRA contains several changes to the auto and energy related tax credits, some of which are new and some of which have been renamed. Many, if not most, of these credits reduce the cost of personal and business expenses. Surgent AEC2 course covers new and revised energy-related credit mechanisms, such as energy-efficient commercial vehicles, household-related utilities and improvements, and electric cars.

The second course, based on the Student Debt Relief Plan, will help industry professionals serve as essential resources for a large segment of the American population. It is estimated that 70% of the educated workforce will have student loans in the coming years.

The SLR2 course will take an in-depth look at the student debt relief plan. The course discussion will also include the importance of year-end tax advice, particularly for 2022, due to January 1, 2023, the refund restart and revenue certification requirement; action plans for each student debt relief process; automation of IRS data in various Department of Education systems; and much more.

“There is a growing need for tax professionals to better understand the intricacies of student debt relief as the IRS and the Department of Education automate this reporting process from mid -2023,” Spoltore said. “This course will help practitioners digest the vital tax implications of student loan repayment and college funding for both employers and employees.”

Each two-hour class is worth two CPE credits.

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