Tax filing deadline is approaching in Louisiana

Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) – Tax Day is fast approaching and April 18 is the deadline for individuals to file their federal income taxes, while May 15 is the deadline for filing state taxes in Louisiana.

If all else fails, there are other options you can request for an extension.

This means whatever extension you are depositing for; you will benefit from an additional period of six months to complete your file.

One hurdle many faced during tax season this year was identity theft, for which tax accountant Lashawnda Guillory says there is hope.

“If you are a victim or have suffered identity theft in some way, taxpayers can file what is called Form 14039 and this will allow the IRS to put a protective pin on identity on your social, this way what will happen is that no returns can be processed without the identity protection pin.

If you missed any stimulus payments, you can edit this year’s tax return by adding the stimulus you missed.

Finally, Guillory shares some tips on common mistakes people make during tax season and how to avoid them.

“Not all taxpayers realize unemployment income is taxable income, so they forget to report it on their return, which will be audited,” Guillory said.

“Another common mistake that taxpayers make is that they assume you can always claim unreimbursed employee expenses, which is going to be expenses like travel, mileage, hotel stays, they think that you can still claim those expenses on a federal lever, but you claim them on the Louisiana state level but not the federal level,” Guillory said.

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