Tax Season: It’s Time to Make Your Clients Happy

Loyal customers are five times more likely to make repeat purchases and four times more likely to refer a friend to your business.

This statistic, provided by Forbes, explains why you need to spend more time creating and delivering a unique experience to your customers. There’s no better time to focus on customer satisfaction than during tax season, when you’ll see a high percentage of it in a short period of time.

Although you need both, your customer experience and customer service are not the same. Creating a customer experience comes down to consistent, intentional actions you take that are unique to your business and influence how your customer feels about working with you. Ultimately, customer experience is about making a customer feel about your business and its professionals with every interaction.

None of the steps below constitute a customer experience program. However, they are simple steps that allow you to go further in the process than you were without them. And they may just mean extra income later on. With so much current and potential revenue from existing customers at stake, why not take advantage of this busy season to launch small activities that accelerate your impact on customer engagement? Customer experience is too important to your future success to ignore.

Business development during the busiest time of the year is difficult for most people and as a result, too many accountants don’t put much effort into it. While convincing someone to attend a networking event in March can be an uphill battle, encouraging a customer focus is an easier sell. To help you see how easy it is to focus on your customers, here are seven ideas your business might consider implementing.

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