whoswholegal – Analysis – Insurance & Reinsurance 2022 – Expert witnesses


Global Elite Thought Leaders are the individuals who received the most nominations from peers, corporate counsel and other market sources this year. Our research has identified them as truly exceptional practitioners and the best in their field.

Who’s Who Legal does not list businesses, only individuals. The top firms are those in each region whose listed practitioners received the most nominations in our search.

Elite Global Opinion Leaders

  • Paul Braithwaite – FTI Consulting, New York
  • Nancy Gutzler – KCIC, Washington D.C.
  • Charles Mullin – Bates White Economic Consulting, Washington DC
  • Denise Neumann Martin – NERA Economic Consulting, New York
  • Marc C Scarcella – Roux Associates Inc, Arlington

Leading companies

Berkeley Research Group

Stephen Mosley is applauded for its leading practice in insurance claims, covering forensic accounting, claims investigation and damage assessment.
Robin Singer is “intelligent, strategic and prudent in its evaluations and assessments”. A source adds, “She’s excellent with complicated assessments and large data sets.”
Christopher Brophy receives substantial endorsements for his “ability to work with large-scale clients”, as well as his “integrity and honesty”.
Gregory Thalier is praised by those interviewed for “his in-depth knowledge of the world of insurance”. Its “excellent work in calculating losses” and its “highly reliable and convincing work product” are also acclaimed.
Robert Glasser produces “clear and credible expert reports” and is also hailed by sources as “a very effective expert witness”.

FTI Council

Paul Braithwaite wins praise for being “highly technically proficient in actuarial matters as well as reinsurance in particular”. He is further praised for “working tirelessly to meet tight deadlines.”
Romy Committee is a “very clear and helpful” expert witness who is “excellent in direct examination and even better in cross-examination”.
Brian Carl is recognized among his peers, who celebrate him as “a highly competent expert with an excellent reputation in the market”.
Wendy Shaps is presented as “a responsive, thoughtful, pleasant and diligent expert” who is “technically qualified to untangle complex financial transactions”.
Ian Marshall is a highly experienced practitioner who is highly sought after for his expert testimony on complex accounting, auditing and reinsurance matters.


Nancy Gutzler is a leading expert in the insurance market with significant experience advising on insurance coverage and complex claims.
Elizabeth Hanke has a “real specialty in the field of benefits” and “can easily deal with very intense problems” of analysis, interpretation and quantification of insurance policies.
The “excellent” Jonathan Terrell is “an exceptional practitioner who can handle complex and highly specialized work very well”.
Michelle Potter has “a great depth of knowledge and decades of experience” in the insurance industry and is “excellent at analyzing data and problem solving”.

Other prominent personalities


At Quest Group, Jeremy Chute is praised for its incisive handling of bespoke exit solutions in the insurance industry.

United States

Marc Scarcella avec Roux is an outstanding insurance adjuster who draws accolades from market sources for his cutting-edge expertise in environmental claims and product liability.

Charles Mullin of Bates White Economic Consulting is a highly experienced practitioner and “one of the few who excel in the areas of bankruptcy, liability estimation, apportionment and reinsurance”.

At NERA Economic Consulting, Denise Neumann Martin is a leading expert in complex national and international insurance issues.

Stephen Sellick of Gnarus Advisors is “a very experienced practitioner” who is considered by his peers to be “a prolific expert in a wide range of insurance cases”.
The “excellent” Jessica Horewitz is widely recognized by interviewees as “a true expert in estimating liability” with “remarkable insurance expertise”.

Ankura Patrick McGrath has “an impressive track record” in class action lawsuits, mass torts and product liability issues.

Christophe Makuc with PACE Claims is a go-to expert for policyholders, insurers and reinsurers engaged in mass tort claims.

United States Brad Murlick has significant experience in assisting national and international companies with their medical-legal insurance and collection issues.

Jacques Dorion At Willis Towers, Watson is renowned among his peers for his “thorough understanding of all claims and policies” in the insurance industry.

Nadia Brannon of Ernst & Young is highly commended for its “insightful and incredibly intelligent” approach to complex insurance and reinsurance claims.

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